Dog Walks
Puppy Visits
Potty Breaks
Dog Running
Dog Hiking Adventure

Puppy Package    


This package for growing dogs less than one year old includes two 20 minute visits a day, 5 days a week at a discounted rate.  It is designed to relieve tiny bladders, offer an extra afternoon meal, and reinforce important developmental training such as house-breaking, socialization, and basic commands.


Puppy Visits are scheduled Monday-Friday at 10-12 AM and 3-5 PM. 


Each additional puppy, same household, $10/week

Single day puppy visit, $34/day


Dog Running    


This 20-30 minute visit is centered around a 1-3 mile run and is designed for high energy or athletic dogs requiring more intense exercise. Run distance will be determined by your dog's ability.

Please Note: Not every dog is suited for the fast lane. Restrictions apply.


Dog Running is scheduled Monday-Saturday during regular morning or evening hours. 






Hiking Adventures   


This 2+ hour trip takes dogs on an leashed outdoor adventure to a nearby mountain or trail. It is ideal for dogs requiring more intense activity or stimulation than a neighborhood walk or run can provide.

Please Note: This is a group hike of up to 5 well-behaved dogs. Not every dog is suited for trailblazing. Restrictions apply.


Mid-Day hikes are available Monday-Friday. Dogs will be picked up between 11 AM-12 PM, returned between 2-3 PM, and have at least 60 minutes of fun outdoor activity.




Potty Breaks     


This quick 15 minute visit is designed for clients who simply want their dog to have a mid-day potty break– where exercise enrichment is not the goal. You must have a secured back yard to qualify for this service.


Potty-breaks are available Monday-Friday between 11-3 PM. We offer a $2 discount, per break, if you have a recurring, set schedule of 3 walks or more per week.


Each additional dog, same household, $2/break



Dog Walking Services

RxTra Care Pet Sitting & Services LLC offers dog walking services tailored to you and pet's individual needs- from a quick mid-day potty break for tiny/senior bladders to a long day trek for the high energy pooch.The goal of each of our visits is to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for your pet while you are away. During our visit we will give your dog appropriate exercise and play time to keep them healthy and happy. We can also offer your dog any meals, snacks, or basic medications required during these times. If your dog requires additional medical care or grooming services, please refer to our Pet Sitting Service options.


Time-stamped GPS logs, pet care notes, and pet picture updates included in every walk!

Dog Walks         

This 20-30 minute visit is designed to keep your dog happy and active while you are away by reducing boredom and providing an engaging experience for your pet. 


Walks are available at any time during normal business hours, or after-hours for an additional fee. We offer a $2 discount, per walk, if you have a recurring, set schedule of 3 walks or more per week.


Each additional dog, same household, $5/walk

Additional 30 minutes, $10/walk